It all started a couple of months after we took pictures of the memorial for Romeo. One day I was looking at the pictures on the computer and low and behold, I saw an image in the vase. We did not notice the image when I took the picture. The image was of Romeo and we can't explain how it happened. Leave it to Romeo to show up for his own memorial.


One day Annette noticed that Rudi was acting very strange. She kept going over to sit in front of the fireplace and starred inside. She finally decided to take pictures of the fireplace. Look in the the lower left area of the image. What do you see? Do you see it? Do you have goosebumps? There in plain site was our first experience with ghost puppies. You can see the puppy now, can't you? At that time it really didn't surprise us because the strangest things continue to happen to us.

Ghost Puppy

Over the next several months we have experienced many things such as hearing things in the room and feeling something bumping the bed. The experience that gave me chills up my back happened while watching TV. I was lying on the floor and Annette was on the couch and all of a sudden we heard a dog shaking behind me. I even felt the shaking and we heard the jingle of the collar. I turned around to say hi to Rudi but she wasn't there. She was in the bedroom sleeping. I didn't think it was possible but it was Romeo. I knew it was him by the sound and rhythm of the shake. Our dogs have distinctive shaking patterns and I could tell that it was his. Two other incidents that happened was hearing a dog drink from the water fountain and the sound of a dog scratching the rug. Rudi and Remington were both lying down when they occurred. We also heard a collar rattle while lying down late at night. One of my favorite things that Romeo did was licking my toes. I even sensed that happen on two different occasions.

On Romeo's most feared day of the year, July 4th, he came to visit me again. I was walking Rudi that night and the fireworks were starting to build. It was getting louder, shot after shot. Romeo would normally be afraid and start shaking. I would pick him up often to reassure that he is okay. But now, it didn't bother him. He walked next to me with his head held high. Now it is he that reassures me that he is now okay and we enjoyed the rest of the walk. At the end of my walk I sensed that he followed us in and laid in his favorite spot.

On Memorial Day 2011 I walked into the bedroom and saw an unexplainable paw print on the bed.

Paw Print

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