I was correct, this isn't an ordinary move. I am hearing talk about moving to Ohio. Well it turned out that moving to Ohio was not going to happen, something about no jobs there. But on the positive side we drove across country to Pennsylvania to see grandma and grandpa. We spent 8 days on the road getting there. We stopped at many roadside stops and went for short walks. It was good to get out and stretch and eat a snack or two.

In the car

Sure were lots of people in Pennsylvania to meet but they didn't play with me much. I did run down the steps every morning to say hi to grandma. We went to Buhl Park several times a week. I sure would love to have that as a back yard. One of the things I remember the most is how quiet it was. With only 8,000 people living there it was a far cry from the 600,000 people I am use to here in the Seattle area.

Buhl Park





Time to make the trip back to Seattle. 8 more days on the road but I didn't mind. I didn't know it at the time that I would never be able to live in Ohio but at least I was there for a visit.

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