Oh brother or should I say oh sister. Yes I should because here comes my baby sister Rudi. Things were never the same after that. I pouted for the next 3 days but I eventually came around. She slept in a play pen and I would watch over her at night. I guess you could say that I loved her even though she was a pest. She took my toys and always wanted to be first in everything. She also squeezed into my basket bed with me and I didn't even mind. It kept us both warm and cozy. We even looked like a two headed dog. She eventually chewed it up so it had to be thrown out. Our next bed was a big sleeping bag folded in two with a huge fleece blanket on top. We liked this even better. It was the softest thing you could ever sleep on.

Sister Rudi



Romeo and Rudi

Romeo and Rudi on sleeping bag

It's raining again. How I didn't like the rain. When going for a walk after a good downpour I really didn't like walking in puddles or streams of water running across the parking lot. My human companions would laugh and be amazed how I always managed to find the narrowest part of the stream to cross. Matter of fact I did not like the sun that much either. I would always find the shade created by the garage, carport, and trees to walk in. I guess you can call me an indoor dog. Wow, I don't ever remember sitting down outside on the grass or pavement in the eleven years on this earth. I must have been really spoiled because I loved my pillows.

Oh brother, we are packing again and that could only mean one thing. But wait, this is different. Strangers are showing up and taking things with them. What is going on? This does not look like an ordinary move. Where are you going with our bed? Bring it back! Oh no, not the green leather recliners. Those are my favorites.

Yet another apartment to move into. The apartment is really nice but the 34 stairs to get to the door is ridiculous. I can no longer walk up stairs like I use to. It was okay at first but it eventually wore me out. I was going up one step at a time, 2 legs at a time.

New Apartment


I really enjoy living by the wetlands and a couple of fields. Even though I couldn't catch them, I sure loved to chase rabbits and there were plenty of them to chase.


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