After the passing of Romeo, our other dog Rudi became very depressed. She became very withdrawn and no longer greeted other dogs or people. One day while she was missing Romeo I saw her lying down with a stuffed rabbit which she never had any interest in before. She looked so sad and lonely. She would stand behind me when I was talking to others. Everyone enjoyed saying hi to Rudi. They started to notice how Rudi was changing and they felt so bad for her. We have decided to get a younger brother for her. So we began to research breeders on the Internet. We were going to wait until October but we needed to get another puppy sooner for her. We began calling and interviewing 30 breeders of Miniature Schnauzers. We asked Romeo to help guide us to the right dog. We narrowed our search to two breeders but the timing was just not on our side. We then got lucky and saw an ad placed by a women who has six puppies for sale. She has a female Miniature Schnauzer and they wanted to get a puppy. She hired a Sire and she had seven puppies. She kept one and was selling the others just to recover the cost for shots and taking care of their needs. It was a rainy morning when we went to pick up our new puppy. A terrible day for driving. It was in a city 200 miles away and we were not sure how to get to the house. We were headed in the direction we thought we needed to go and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, the brightest beam of sunshine broke through the clouds. That is where we are going I said. I just knew it. I turned and went towards the beam. As we got closer the rain began to slow down. And sure enough the beam of light was shining right on the block where we were going. We looked at the puppies and there was one that caught our attention. We couldn't help it because he was all over us. He wanted to play. He wanted to come home with us. We asked when he was born and she said April 22nd. We couldn't believe what we were hearing , it was the same birthday as Rudi. So we left with our new puppy naming him Remington. It took a couple of days but Rudi started coming around. They are now best of friends. It wasn't long before our friends noticed Rudi coming around again.

Rudi and rabbit


Rudi and Remington Sleeping

On the morning we picked up Remington I went to Target and Fred Meyers to get puppy supplies. From the moment I got up I sensed that Romeo was with me. He followed me to the car and jumped into his car seat. I said good morning to him and off we went. I think this was a special day for him because he is guiding us to the dog he chose for us. Yes, I do believe that Remington was chosen by Romeo. Romeo followed me that morning in both stores and I then said "I know you are still here". I remember it well and even thinking how wonderful it was that he could be with me and not told to leave the store. It was just the beginning of what would turn out to be a wonderful weekend.


Remember that I said that Romeo chose Remington for us, well he did. Remington knew him alright and could recognize his picture. We have several pictures of Romeo on the wall and Remington sat starring at one of them. He then began to howl as though he was talking to him. We believe that Remington was telling Romeo that he is here and that he will take care of us for him. He then howled at him one more time and said goodbye to Romeo. He did this three different times. He never looked at that picture again.

Barking at Romeo's picture

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