When I was 3 months old I would get so excited and run around in circles in the living room when my daddy came home from work.

One of my routines is to jump on the couch, off the back, and down on the floor, down the hallway and back again a couple of times.


One day I got overly excited and fell over the couch and landed upside down behind it. It must have been a funny site when daddy looked over the back and saw me starring up at him. He had to move the couch to set me free.

I soon discovered the back deck and many birds chirping and eating bird seed. At that time I was just learning to talk. It took me several times before I got the right sound out. Then began to bark quite often.

When I was 5 months old I watched my first movie, the name of it was Homeward Bound. As I was placed on mommy's knee facing the TV I was mesmerized by all the puppy activity. I watched the entire movie without moving. It became my favorite movie and I watched it many times as I grew older.

First Haircut with Rebecca

I must admit I was just adorable when coming home for the first time. That is because I had my first Schnauzer cut at 9 weeks old. I then met Rebecca, who became my personal groomer for the next 7 years. She was magical, I looked so good when leaving her. I was show dog material if I say so myself.

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