Wait a minute, why are you putting all my toys in a box? What do you mean we are moving? Bogey is my friend, will I still see him?

Blue Apartment

Racoons are not my friends. Even though I tried to talk to them through the window, they just didn't want anything to do with me. So I did what any other dog would do, I chased them.


As Alvin always said, “All I want is my hula hoop.” So they thought they can trick me to jump through a hula hoop to get a treat. Well, it didn't work. Okay, it did. But I resisted at first. The first few times I would run up to the hoop, stop, and then walk around it. I started out slowly by walking through it but then gave in and jumped through as they gradually raised it. Those treats sure were good.

Hula Hoop

I am the biggest ham around when it comes to pictures and movies. I always stop to get my picture taken. Some would even say I pose.


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