Ever see a dog hug? I can. It came naturally to me. Maybe that is why my name is Romeo. Hugging is something that my mommy taught me. I would jump up on people who sat on the couch and put one front leg on each of their shoulders and rub my face on both of their cheeks in an upward motion. That is how I hugged.


If you ever eat an ant, don't eat one with pinchers. It must have been a funny site to see the ant bite me and stick to my tongue.

The leather green recliners were my favorite resting spot. Especially when it was reclined with daddy in it and I laid on the end between his feet.

Green Chair

Damn that weeble, I can never knock it down. I couldn't even grip it with my teeth because it was made of hard plastic. I pushed it and banged it against the walls until I was totally frustrated. It soon began to tire me out.


There are two days a year that I really don't enjoy. The worst of the two being the 4th of July and the other being New Years Eve. That is because of all the loud noises and explosions which made me jumpy.

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