I grew up in an area where there were many trees. Living in the trees were my friends the squirrels. Actually, I wouldn't call them my friends, I loved to bark and chase them back up the tree.


Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring, wait a minute, what's this? A toy! And another. Thanks grandma. So it began, the toy collection of all collections. When all was said and done I ended up with over 100 toys in my lifetime. I had so many toys that they were stored in a big bag which hung on the door. I would sit there staring at the bag until mommy noticed me and she would pull one out. I barked and wagged my tail as she did it but I wouldn't grab that toy. I made her take out one after another until the bag was empty and all the toys were on the floor. She would then have to pick them all up again.


It is my first winter and while I was starring out the window, I saw my first snowflake. I didn't know what they were so I did what any puppy would do, I barked at them. We went outside and I had a blast. Trying to catch them in my mouth before they would hit the ground. As I walked through the snow it felt cold and slushy on my feet and I had the most fun plowing the snow with my nose. I had so much fun playing that I didn't notice how frozen I was until I came inside. I had snow chunks stuck in my beard and paws and as they melted off I began to taste them. Yum, yum, yum. PS., don't eat the yellow snow.

Romeo in the snow

Yellow beard was my nickname when I was a youngster. It must have been because of all the dandelions I use to eat. They would turn my beard a bright yellow.

During the week day Mommy would turn on a favorite TV show of mine called Blues Clues. I barked along with Blue, and it became the highlight of my day.

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