I was walking Rudi around the big block this early evening and all of a sudden I sensed it. This power all around me. It was very light but yet everywhere. As we walked the power seemed to gradually increase in strength. It was a very strange feeling. I stopped walking several times and just looked around to see what was happening. The power grew and grew creating a small dome, a power dome. Before I knew it, the dome had covered the entire block which is probably a square mile. I didn't know what to make of it until it was known to me when getting back in the house. There was my wife laying in severe pain. She couldn't even move. I told her not to worry and began to tell her my story. She also mentioned that she felt the same energy. It is Romeo and he is here to help you. The pain started to decrease as did the dome. Both the pain and dome disappeared at the same time. I don't know what happened nor can I even try to explain. I do know one thing for sure, Romeo had something to do with it.

Power Dome

There are two fields by our place, Romeo's favorite field next door and the one across the street. Rudi and I went in the field across the street and we both turned around as though someone called for us. And there he was, Romeo, not physically but the sense that he was there. I said come on Romeo and he rushed over to us. He went on the walk with us. As we walked along I had another message. “Pack light, you are going sooner than you think.”


It was a nice sunny day and I was taking Rudi on one of our longer walks around the neighborhood. As we walked past the field where we sensed Romeo several times I sensed some dogs playing. Maybe a dozen or so. Then all of a sudden I sensed hundreds of dogs playing everywhere, even in the field across the street. I had never sensed such a happy bunch of animals before. We continued our walk and they kept following us. They came out of nowhere, hundreds and hundreds of them. The numbers grew as we walked. As we approached one of our favorite spots in the wetlands there were literally thousands of dogs running around. I tried to sense if Romeo was there but I couldn't. Rudi and I just stood there and watched for several minutes. You can see Rudi just looking from side to side as to watch all of the action. She wanted to run into the wetlands but I wouldn't let her go. I just smiled and we continued our walk. What did this all mean. It wasn't until the end of the walk until it was clear to me. We believe that these dogs were not wanted by their masters or were forgotten. Romeo was sending them to give us a message. That message was to help unwanted dogs and animals in need. That is when we got the idea of Romeo's Ranch, a place to take care of unwanted animals. To help support our efforts we decided to sell items on our site and to accept donations. All proceeds will go to help Romeo's Ranch.


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