The next day we took Rudi to the park continuing our normal routine knowing Rudi enjoyed the park just as much as Romeo. While driving to the park we felt a strong presence of Romeo as if he was in his car seat in the back. As we were getting out of the car it was as if he was walking next to Rudi. We then looked up and saw a rainbow that circled the sun. As we continued to walk his presence left. We felt at that time that he left to go do something and he would be back.

Heritage Park

The next day, while driving home from the store, all of a sudden we felt goosebumps all over our body. We looked off to the side and noticed we just passed the entrance to another one of Romeo's favorite parks and sensed the presence of Romeo and knew at that moment he must be there. He loved that park. There were trails that led into the wetlands and he use to like looking at all the turtles, birds, ducks, frog, blue heron, and the biggest beaver dam we have ever seen. Though he could hear the frogs he couldn't see where they were but enjoyed looking for them. Our favorite part were the eagles overhead and an occasional dive into the water to catch a fish.









Blue Heron

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