Ten weeks after Romeo's passing we walked Rudi past the fields by the apartments and she began to act a little bit strange. She would stare at some of Romeo's favorite spots as though she was looking for him or saw something. She did this off and on for about a week.

Field Accross The Street


Field This Side of Street

On a warm clear night as I was walking Rudi in the field I suddenly saw a bright flash in front of my eyes. It was no more than 32 feet from me and appeared in the field like a fireworks display. The sparkles were silver in color and took the shape of a face. Not just any face but the face of a dog. Of course I thought it was Romeo but I couldn't tell for sure. I stood there frozen for over a minute and could not figure out what I had just seen. I then believed that it was an image of Romeo. But the image itself was not all that I experienced. I also heard a voice, a message in the form of a thought in my head from Romeo. A promise to keep, a project to do, that was the message of things I must do. Not being able to explain what just happened, I kept it a secret until the next day.

May 15th was the day that I experienced the unexplainable. After talking to an animal communicator on the phone, I walked back into the living room and something on the floor caught my eye. There on the floor, the exact spot that Romeo collapsed, I found the most beautiful silver heart. My first thought was that Romeo has just given me a silver heart. I didn't even question how I knew or how it got there. I immediately felt comforted. I then phoned my husband and said “You won't believe this but I think that Romeo just gave me a silver heart.”. He asked me several times what the color was. He then had goosebumps, because he had not shared his experience the night before. As he mentioned the lights were also silver.


I then called the jewelry store to inquire about getting a chain for my heart. Dante, the person that helped me, listened as I told him the story of finding the heart and about Romeo. He then said that Romeo is telling you that he is okay, he misses you, but he is not sad. I could not believe what I was hearing because those words were what I needed to hear. I immediately felt comfort and peace knowing this and that Romeo was indeed in heaven. I was so excited that I had to share it with several neighbors. As I was coming home a few hours later I heard a single bark that sounded just like Romeo. I couldn't believe what I had just heard. I then realized he was telling me that he was here and that he brought me the heart.

While laying in bed the night I got the heart I heard a thump. The noise itself sounded like something bumped the inside of the box that was on the floor. Strange as it may sound I felt Romeo's presence. It was as though he was letting me know he was there by making a sound. I then began to feel this strange healing energy building up in the room. I was amazed at how good it felt. I then asked Romeo if he can help with this pain I have been experiencing for the last five months, even when he was alive. Ten minutes later the pain was totally gone. I knew then that we were only at the beginning of what would be a wonderful journey.

I awoke at 11:30 that night to use the bathroom. As I walked past the living room I glanced at Romeo's memorial vase and saw an image of Romeo. I squealed loudly and rushed quickly to the bathroom. On my way back I looked over again at the vase and his image was gone. While lying in bed I realized what just happened. I saw an image of Romeo and he appeared to be much younger, as young as two or three.

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