Remember When for Maria


Oh Boy Maria was a handful sometimes, I remember when it was time for the dogs to go out. Dogs being Maria,her daughter Chika, her son Pee-Wee, Mugg,her grandson Ponsone and our new little rescued baby Junior.These are the babies we have here at S. Pleasant Valley Rd.This is most recent stories. Tony all through the day and at night would get up and Loudly speak his famous words. [Lets go, come on announcing each name one at a time, lets go use the bathroom}Out come the babies all from out of my covers and Junior and Ponsone from under my bed. Maria was a runner so she would stand behind all the others shaking her body as if she was running off batteries and that little tail wagging one hundred miles an hour. Maria was ready to hit the grass ,Tony would say come on Mama Dog lets go, that little girl blasted off like a rocket and never got out of her daddys eye sight.It was'nt always like that she use to blast off in turbo but she started getting old and so did Tony so he trained her in a more normal and slower tone and YEA they were both successful.I always told Tony he didnt do it right,but he did I was just jealous because I didnt want to share ny babies.

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