Remember When for Trixie (Pig) Litton


I remember when we first saw Trixie. My husband and I were on our way home when he almost hit this tiny white and brown dog running down the middle of the highway, he immediately turned around and pulled off to the side. When he opened his door she jumped in across his lap directly on to mine. She was the cutest thing I had ever seen. We brought her home and she jumped right up on the couch like she had lived with us her entire life. She adopted us and had been by my side ever since. She was the most spoiled rotten thing anyone had ever met. I had to carry her while I was cleaning or she would bark at me the entire time. We slept together watched movies together and took long car rides. Every day with her was a blessing and even though she is gone now I am so thankful of the time I had with her. Not many people understand the special connection that my husband and I shared with her and that's ok because I know that she loved us unconditionally as did we to her. I will love and miss her forever. R.I.P. baby girl.

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