Remember When for MAYA


Do you remember when you escaped and draged your poor little sister Lulu? I was at my office when my mobile rang...the lady told me she had a little yorkie dog (she saw my number on her tag). And I barked scared "AND MAYA?" She said: "a white dog? mmm I'm afraid she ran and couldn't reach her" I took my purse and ran like mad, I could not understand what just happened. On my way I cried thinking: "where are you Maya? At least Lulu is safe but you?" When I arrived I saw you both, the nice lady found you, I had no words to thank her enough. Obviously I didn't take any chance and took you both to my office. You found a hole and traspassed a neighbor's garden and then the way to the street. You little naughty dog. Daddy went for us three and came back home togheter. (June 2009).

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