Photo Album for Emmitt


Emmitt enjoying the lake


Relaxing in the shade


Emmitt and me goofing off


Emmitt with his mama




Emmitt with his new jacket...I don't think he was a huge fan.


Emmitt (E-Man) enjoying a day at the lake.


Emmitt's 1st day home - October 15th 1999


Emmitt as a pup - He used to sleep above my head on my pillow :)


Emmitt and his buddy having their sunday evening "soft food" treat.


He was our camping/fishing buddy :)


Our first fishing trip Nambe Falls Lake, NM. 2000


Emmitt relaxing on his patio chair


Emmitt and his buddy Cinnamon ... Cinnamon disappeared just weeks after Emmitt Passed.


Emmitt resting :)


Playing ball...in the house. uh oh. lol


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