November 11, 1999 --- September 16, 2011


Maria was my little chihuahua for ten years. Her breed was a Deer Chihuahua. This type of chihuahua has this name because of their ears being bigger, but yet a little more relaxed.The Deer Chihuahua has a little bit bigger body size. My daughter Jennifer gave me Maria ten years ago. There is a sweet story behind that and I worshiped every single minuite of every single day and year I had my little girl. Yes call me crazy I said little girl, and only if you are an animal lover as I am myself you will or wont understand that.I honestly think anyone on this page does understand. My little Maria died a tragic death and you will hear more as we continue Maria's little life story on other pages to come on her memorial. Maria wasnt just my dog but she was a mother herself. Maria had excellant instints on how and when to care for her babies. I want to thank you God for letting me have my baby as long as you did. I feel like All Dogs Go To Heaven,after all they had little hearts and souls and they had blood running through their veins and tears that would fall from their eyes just as we humans do. Think about that and tell me where my little Maria is. {Linda Socia}

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