September 1, 1998 --- August 12, 2014


" I came, I purred, I conquered"

Elliot (AKA "Kitty") was born in Dothan, AL in 1998. My Daddy found Elliot when he was a tiny kitten….living in a barn….for real. A true Barn Kitty! When Elliot was two years old, I married a soldier and we traveled to all four corners of the US, and beyond. Elliot loved hotel rooms! Daddy told me, once, that "Elliot probably likes hotel rooms because it's a smaller space to keep watch over". I think he was right.

Elliot preferred traveling by car. Truckers would always flash their lights
and give us a "thumbs up" whenever they saw him on the road. (Truckers
like kitties, too. Yay!) Elliot had no idea how famous he was.

Dear Elliot,
Thank you for spending your tiny life with me, my precious friend. Thank you for all the days and nights you wrapped your sweet paws around
my face and purred so loud in my ear that I couldn't sleep. Thank you for the many conversations we had, all day every day, during the years
your adopted dad was deployed….and a whole bunch of other days, too!!! Thank you for the millions of kitty kisses. Thank you for sixteen years of memories I
can keep forever. I love you and miss you every day. You did GOOD, little man.
And I hope you're knocking 'em out "over there" because you are gorgeous!
Meow, y'all!

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