August 31, 2004 --- November 14, 2013


A magnificent German shepherd-Baby of our family
Sirius was a member of our family for the past 9 years. He was a bundle of energy, enjoyed walks in the park, was always playful and active. He was strong, very smart, disciplined and had bilingual comprehension. He had seen our children grow up and had been there as a loyal companion. He was there with us for every happy and sad occasion in our life.
Sirius threw a shock on us and left us, while we were away surprising our daughter at college… We lost him to ‘Bloat’, I can still recall receiving the bad news early in the morning… The loss is felt acutely and time will be the only healer.
Nothing will match up to the unconditional love he gave us. He will always be loved and missed dearly.
Thanks to all our friends and family who treated him like their own.
Sujatha and Raghu

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