Shasta Dawn
September 19, 2011 --- March 29, 2013


Around Thanksgiving 2011 we noticed a small little husky pup chained to a tree in our neighbors yard. We watched her for a few days before asking the man why she would be chained to a tree. His response was that "she is a bad dog". The pup was just a few months old and the cutest thing I had seen in a long time. My sister and I offered to purchase the pup and take her to our side of the fence. He agreed to a price that was way too much but we didnt care. We got to save her from that tree. We named her Shasta and she became a bright star in my life.

As it turns out, Shasta had many health issues and required a few surgergies and special attempts to help her gain weight. Despite all her struggles in her first year, she loved every minute of her short time on this earth. Everything was a fun game and she could brighten even the gloomiest day. We could never take her out in public without her making at least one new human friend who could not help but notice her striking beauty and sweet disposition.

Shasta was growing up into a very well mannered adult dog and had become a true member of our family. Then, on a chilly spring day in March of 2013, she made a seemingly innocent mistake that cost her ... her life. She dug under the fence into another neighbors yard. She had only been out for about ten minutes. We assumed she was conducting her morning routine of patrolling the yard and settliing down on a soft spot to enjoy the sunshine and watch the deer play. But when we went to round her and the other dogs up, a startling yelp was heard coming from the neighbors yard and Shasta came running back to our fence, trying to get back to our side. It was too late, the neighbor (not the one who sold her to us) had shot and killed her for playing in his yard. And just like that... she was gone. She was gone as fast as she had come into our lives.

I am so sorry my sweet Shasta that I wasnt able to protect you from the evils in this world. I will miss your sweet face waking me in the morning,the soft kisses you so freely offered, and the dog songs you sang for us. I wish you peace my friend.

And always remember, Momma loves her sweet shasta puppydog babygirl

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