Puppy, son of Siren
January 7, 1998 --- January 7, 1999


Dates on birth and passing are actually unknown.

We had a Dalmatian, Siren, who had a puppy with a black lab. I never picked a name for him so I continued to call him puppy. We lived by a major highway in Minnesota, unfortunately the puppy got out and was killed by a vehicle. About a week later, laying in bed in the pitch black, I hear what I thought was Siren trot down the stairs and go past my room. Thinking he was getting into trouble because it was late at night and everyone was asleep I immediately got up and went to see what he was doing. I called his name but realized there was not a dog there! I went upstairs and found Siren fast asleep, snoring even.... So it was NOT Siren! Could it have been my recently passed puppy!?

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