May 29, 2008 --- December 7, 2010


On August 2008 we decided it was time to have a dog. We are dog lovers and saw a pet shop near our house. We decided to go and see what dogs they had. There were westies, boxers, bichon, French poodles but there was this beautiful female Shih Tzu. We headed back home to decide which breed could be suitable for us, but in my head there was just this little Shih Tzu. She ran over me like saying “pick me”. My husband was keen on a westie. But I swear I knew the little Shih Tzu had something special, so I convinced my husband to get that little furry dog. Well it didn’t take long to learn that she was mischievous as she jumped from a considerable height. My heart almost stopped but she was not bothered. Well it was the beginning of a happy life with her. We decided to name her “Maya” as we are from Mexico and admire Mayan culture.

My husband taught her some tricks and she picked up fast. She learnt “give me five”, “sit down”, “lie down” and “stop”. But if you think that she learnt because of her intelligence, well let me tell you that she only did those tricks with a bunch of treats otherwise she could run happily towards other direction.

Our life was filled with dog hair, dog saliva and lots of exercise as she loved to be chased, especially at night when we were pretty tired after work and used to take her to the garden, for potty reasons. We settled very well and could understand her needs (when she was hungry, tired, bored, when she needed a walk and go potty). My husband absolutely adored Maya as she was so playful and mischievous, when she was naughty and bite and destroyed something, he just used to laugh. In my case I loved to dress her up and brush her coat ah! and put her bows aghh! she looked so beautiful.

Six months later, my husband started to think that Maya needed a companion as we were full time employees. We had no kids at the time so I though it was a good idea. My husband wanted another Shih Tzu but I said “imagine two Mayas!” “uff” so we met a beautiful toy female Yorkshire Terrier. At the beginning Maya was so jealous. We named the yorkie “Lulu”. Maya used to chase and shake her like her toys. Poor Lulu she had no welcome from Maya. But as days went by we noticed that Maya showed the way to the garden and allowed her to sleep with her. They became sisters. But as good sisters they had differences and obviously Maya took every chance to make it clear that she was THE BIG SISTER. Lulu loved her.

Walks to the park were the highlight of the day for our furry daughters. But sometimes a walk in the woods was the most exciting thing in the world. We live in Essex, England, so we are surrounded by woods. Our doggies were extremely happy when we were there.
In 2009 we found out that we were expecting a baby. Our family was complete. We moved to a bigger house with a bigger garden. My baby girl was born on December 2009. When we came back home with the new addition Maya was mad and jealous. She destroyed everything she could, an USB, a memory stick, my baby’s toys…but when she had the opportunity to smell and see the baby she calmed down and fell in love with her. We had the most precious family. My daughter adored the doggies as she was growing up with them. She and Maya developed a special bond.
As my daughter got older, we resumed our walks to the woods. The winter was hitting hard in the UK, but on Tuesday 7th of December 2010 the weather was mild so we decided to take the dogs to the woods, it was meant to be a fun day. Maya was so excited she ran happily straight away. The landscape was stunning there were snow everywhere. The lake was white frozen. Lulu strangely didn’t want to go toward the lake and ran behind a lady. I was surprised she didn’t follow Maya. Well we walk to the lake mesmerized for its beauty. Suddenly a swan appeared. Maya was so excited and ran trying to chase it. Practically ran the entire lake. Maya was not exactly what you call an obedient dog and we shouted at her to stop and even ran behind her. She was not bothered. She wanted the swan. Maya was like this. Strangely again, this time Lulu didn’t follow her as always. Maya, our beloved Maya plunged through the ice…. We want to remember her not for those last moments we have just described but for the happiness she brought to our lives. MAYA ALWAYS IN OUR HEARTS.

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