January 7, 1999 --- March 2, 2010


On March 12, 1999 our lives were forever changed. That is the day we brought home our new addition to our family, Romeo, a Miniature Schnauzer. Being our first animal companion, we did not know what to expect. The first time we took him out of his basket and put him on the floor he walked right back into the basket. I guess he was just as nervous and cautious as we were. The second time we took him out he did it again. Then soon after he began to warm up to us and realized that this was a safe place to be.

What was about to unfold was the most beautiful experience of unconditional love and a special bond that we would endure for the next 11 years. Wherever we went he followed right behind us. When we walked in the front door, he was always there to greet us with lots of barking and kisses. He even learned as a puppy how to hug like a person.

If you asked anyone that knew him to describe him in a single word, that word would be 'Special'. His name fit him and he loved everyone he met. He would greet people coming home from work and waited until they got out of the car to say hello. He loved life and lived it to the fullest and will be missed by all who loved and adored him.

At 8 years of age we introduced him to his new sister Rudi, another Miniature Schnauzer. It only took 3 days for them to be the best of friends. Of course, he did not have much of a choice since the new puppy was all over him 24 hours a day.

One of the best times in his life was the cross-country road trip from Seattle to Pennsylvania when he was 10. We think he had the most fun of everyone.

The last couple of years we noticed that he was starting to slow down. We just thought it was due to getting older. He was now on a special diet to help his high cholestorol and triglycerides. On January 7 of 2010, his eleventh birthday, we received the bad news of cancer and that he only had about 2 months to live.

We did everything possible to make the little time he had left more enjoyable. He enjoyed visits to the parks, walks in the neighborhood, and watching his favorite movie Homeward Bound. He would lay next to us and watch the entire movie.

On March 2, 2010 our lives were forever changed again. That is the day Romeo lost his battle with cancer.

We may not be together in the way we used to be but you will always be in our hearts. You will always be our puppy and we will miss you forever. Thank you Romeo for loving us to.

Romeo, we love you first, last, best, and always.

Your love will light our way until we are together again.

mommy, daddy, rudi

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