Journal for Emmitt


It's been almost 2 weeks since you left us. We have our good days and bad days. Your food/water bowls are still in the same place...but empty. Your bed in the living room and in our bedroom are still there...but empty. Your snacks are still in the pantry like always because we haven't had the strength to give or donate them to other dogs. Your urn is in the living room now. We see you everyday but it isn't the same. We miss the sound of you scratching and sniffing at the door when I jiggle the key to get in. We miss the way you and the cat bolt out the front door when we open it. I'm sorry my friend...I've been told I did the right thing when I made that decision but it doesn't feel like it. Wait at Rainbow Bridge for us okay? One day...We'll see each other again.

Well, today marks one month since you've been gone buddy. We talk about you all the time. It's still really hard to open the door after work and not give you your treats. or take you for the walks around the block you loved so much. The cat comes in and meows like before, but maybe more now. He eats alone without you sniffing all over him. He used to seem annoyed by that, but now...I think he misses you. Your large soft squeaky bone toy lays in your bed and if you glance at it quickly...it looks like your ears standing up as you lay there. We still find traces of your fur on blankets and under the bed where you would lay sometimes. We miss you so much my friend. I pray that you're at a place where you can run and jump to your hearts content. And I pray that one day before I get to where I'm going, I can make a detour and pick you up. Because we're going to have a lot of catching up to do! We miss and love you my sweet boy.

Hey there buddy...It's been almost 2 months now and we miss you terribly. Shortly after you left us our friend Cinnamon the cat decided to leave us. He left one day and hasn't returned. It's been 3 weeks now. We hope he's ok wherever he is and if he's with you then please look after him. Wait for us to meet again so we can have our family back. Look down on us from time to time and know that we have a special place for you in our hearts...a place that can never be filled. Talk to you soon my boy. We love you!

10/14/13 - For some reason today I have a heavy heart for you. We still have your bed and toys in the exact same spot your familiar with. Occasionally we rattle your collar for that familiar sound we've known for the last 14 years. I wish you were home with us buddy. It's just not the same.

Merry Christmas in heaven little buddy. It was a quiet holiday around the house this year. No presents to help you unwrap :( This day marks exactly 6 months since you've been gone. We miss you so much Emmitt. Not a day goes by where we don't think or talk about you. We'll see you again someday. Love you boy!

6/25/14 - It's been one year now since you left us little buddy. Everything is exactly in the same place it was a year ago. We have a new puppy now...His name is Charlie. In a lot of ways he's just like you. I have this silly feeling you're training him from up above. We miss you a lot Emmitt. We still talk about you daily and sometimes it feels like your still there with us even though we can't see you. You're still the last thing I think about before I fall asleep and the first thing I think about when I wake up. Happy one year anniversary in heaven little buddy. Till we meet again...We love you!

12/3/2014 - Hey little buddy... Still not a day goes by where we don't think about you. The holiday is near and as we decorate the house I can't help but think about how you used to watch us and sing our silly little songs for you. We hung up your stocking this week along with ours and the new dog Charlie. We still remember and talk about you every day. It's funny cause your bowls and beds are still in the same place as you left them...It just hurts that they're empty. The other funny thing is Charlie doesn't lay in your beds or touch your bowls. But he does A LOT of things that remind me of you...Somehow I know your still around. Sometimes I dream of you and the cat but not as often as I'd like. Maybe you can help me out with that. :) Talk to you soon my E-man. We miss and love you!

6/25/2015 - Happy 2nd Anniversary in Heaven little buddy. Today is a hard day for us around the house. I don't think we'll ever get over you...we'll get better about it, but never get over it. It's hard to type these entries without tearing up but it helps us cope. Your little brother Charlie is an awesome little guy. It's funny, he does almost the same things you used to do. Sleeps in the same spot on the bed and couch. Sunbathes on the back patio. etc. You two would be awesome together...except he's a little bossy so I'm not sure. lol. Anyway, don't forget about us. I'll always check in from time to time until the day I check out. Then I'll come get you :) We miss and love you E-Man!

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