Journal for Shasta Dawn



cant believe its been over a week now since you left us. Still hurts like it just happened this morning. You are in my dreams every night and i wake up to a renewed feeling of sorrow every morning.

I miss you baby girl.


Been a few weeks since Ive had the inclination to add to this journal, but it's not due to a lack of thinking about my Shasta. I come here every morning and look at her picture and re read her memorial. Then I cry for a few minutes and then I get on with my day. I am not in a position to be able to lay around and be as sad as I feel which is surely a good thing. Staying busy seems to help but she does cross my mind alot while I see to my duties.

It seems that the man who shot my beautiful Shasta will see no legal consequences for his actions and it breaks my heart to know there will be no justice for her in the eyes of the law. The so called "law" in Tiny Town, America has proven itself to be useless in this case. I can only hope that there is some force beyond mankind that will indeed hold him accountable.

Hugs n Kisses Shasta <3

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