Journal for Salem


Written by my wife Lori:

Here I sit in the tree, knowing Greg is missing me.
Please don't cry as we'll meet again, not sure where and not sure when. I am in your lap on the porch as you have your coffee, rocking back and forth. Just like before, but without all the hair. I may be gone but I'm always there. Dear sweet Greg, thank you for my life, for without I would have died. You showed me love most never see, a bond was formed with you and me. No more pain, no more tears, we had so many wonderful years, take care of mom and Dylan too, and remember my friend, I'll always love you.

Laid our beloved Salem to rest today underneath the big shade tree that he loved laying under, and playing in the leaves, we will miss you dearly my friend, you will be in our memories and in our hearts forever. See you over by the rainbow's bridge someday, look for me, I'll wait for you. Just rest my friend.

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