Journal for MAYA


Today is one week since you left...we miss you terribly. Maya always in our hearts.

Today, two weeks. Lulu doesn't want to eat. The lady from The Pet Bereavement Support Service told me it could take three weeks. Lulu really misses you, we are giving her extra cuddles to reassure her.

Three almost four weeks. Lulu is better. She's eating a little but eating. She's taking good care of your beloved garden.@ Xmas and new year we remembered you.

Maya, today four weeks. Yesterday we watched a video where you and Lulu were trying to chase little Valentina, but in a funny and friendly way.It was hilarious...We realized at that moment how terribly missed you are...But you left many memories. Thank you Mayita for choosing us as your family.

Maya we miss you so much...

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