For Christmas this year I received an elephant rug with a big elephant head. I really enjoyed lying on the soft elephant fur and using the head as a pillow. It was my favorite Christmas present that I had ever received.

Elephant Rug

This summer we met new neighbors while walking down the street. We met Betty and her dog Bogey. Bogey became my new best friend for several years to come. We went to the same groomer together and always looked like show dogs when we were done.

Betty and Bogey

Why do humans buy us coats, sweaters, boots, and shoes. Boots! Come on now. I put an end to that right away. I did however, like the matching scarfs they made for me and them.




The only time I really went outside was to go do my business. But when I went out I really went out of my way to introduce myself to every blade of grass and tree. I must have known them all by name. I would sniff everywhere between all the trees and bushes.

Halloween was meant for ghost and goblins and little kids. But for dogs like me I had to wear silly outfits like angel wings and halos. I couldn't wait to take it off as soon as the picture was taken.

Angel Wings 2


Angel Wings

Three of my favorite games were peek-a-boo, keep away, and hide and seek. I quickly outgrew peek-a-boo as a youngster. Keep away was always fun to play with mommy and daddy. I always let them believe I couldn't get it from them. But my favorite of the 3 games was hide and seek. Mommy would go hide and daddy would count down from ten to zero and let me go. I would run around until I found her. Once I found her then daddy would go hide and the counting started all over again. One day my mommy cheated and went outside the front door. I found her though. You can't trick me. I even hid myself. Sometimes I would just walk off to another room and sit there until they noticed I was missing. They would call my name and run around looking for me. There was always a happy tail wagging from me when I was found. I would get a big “There you are!” when found, along with hugs and back rubs. What more can a dog ask for.

Visiting the neighborhood retirement home was always fun for me. Though we didn't go very often, the people there were always happy to see me. I sat at my spot by the fireplace and waited for them to come and pet me. They were not all dog lovers but the ones that were really liked me.

One of my fondest memories was when I was 3 and had a surprise birthday party. That is the year I received a peanut butter cake for dogs and shared it with my friend Bogey.

Birthday Cake


Romeo and Bogey eating cake

Remember when you had friends over for dinner. You didn't know it at the time but she had taken off her shoes and I licked her toes while she was eating. She didn't move so I must do good work. The next day when you saw them again she mentioned it to you. You apologized but she told you that she liked it.

Ever chase bubbles and eat them? Of course you didn't but I did. It may look strange if you saw me eat them but you didn't taste them. It helps if they are peanut butter flavored.

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