Packing my stuff again? We must be moving. This will be my second time I moved in the last two years. This time it is different though. We are moving into a condo and it will probably be my last move unless we sell. New neighborhood, new trees, new birds, and the list goes on. I don't really mind though because there were not that many friends at the last place. Well, my first night at the condo and I hate the neighbors above us. Stomp, stomp, stomp. Chop, chop, chop. Boy they loved to chop fresh vegetables. They were heavy walkers, too. It seems that every other minute they were dropping a bowling ball on the floor. It always made me jump and scared the bajeebees out of me.


I have visited many parks in my lifetime but Eagle Park was my favorite. I named it Eagle Park because of all the eagles flying around. I never did find out what the name of the park really was.

At our new condo I met a new friend, a cat. She followed me on occasion and once followed me home.

As far as neighborhood kids go, I had a couple of favorites. Valerie always wanted to dress me and was probably my bestest kid friend. Jamie, the 5 year old across the way was always excited to see me. She would come running to greet me whenever she saw me.


After moving into the new condo I met 2 new friends. Their names were Bailey and Ginger and were brother and sister. They were much younger then me but I was able to keep up with them pretty good.

Bailey and Ginger

If dogs were meant to swim they would have fins. I hated baths! Every time daddy would set me down next to the tub I would run to mommy for protection. I didn't know many words but I sure knew what the word bath meant. I would never run to daddy when he said time for bath.

My beard was like a magnet and leaves were attracted to it. Every fall my beard would need brushed every night because of all the leaves.

One thing that I always did was check on mommy and daddy to make sure they were okay. When they got out of the shower I was there waiting. When they were in the other room I would always show up. No matter where they were or what they were doing I would be there just to make sure that they were okay. I would then find my favorite spot to lay down and rest.

On your mark, get set, go! I really didn't like those words. The high school track was next door and they started each race with a starter gun. The gun was loud and loud noises bothered me. I would go all right, in the other direction.

On Saturdays we often went to the pet center to get supplies and toys. One day they surprised me and bought me the most beautiful basket bed. It was very cozy since it had a thick comfortable pillow inside and it was big enough for two of me.

My darn teeth anyway. I went to get my teeth cleaned and woke up after the cleaning and I was missing seven of them. I guess they were loose and not doing well. How am I going to eat my favorite snacks? I managed by chewing with the teeth on the other side. Bummer though, this was just the beginning of my dental problems as I would soon find out. Other teeth were also loose at the time but they didn't want to pull any more. We tried to save them, we really did. Eventually I had more teeth pulled and ended up with only 5. I must admit that I didn't like getting my teeth brushed.

If you are going to go for a ride in a car you may as well ride in style. You should see the leather seat I had. It is strapped in the back seat and is about 18 inches high. It enables me to lay down and look out the window at the same time. It had a storage compartment underneath that pulled out. That is where my treats and portable water dish was stored. I never left home without them.

Leather car seat

One year for Christmas we all got matching scarfs. They were made of fleece and mommy's and daddy's were about 5 feet long. Mine was 2 feet long. Those scarves must have wrapped around them three times. It was the funniest thing to see but I bet they were warm.


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