One day I decided to walk to the store. As I was walking home I sensed someone following me so I turned around. There was nobody there. I began to walk and I sensed someone following me again. But again there was nobody there when I turned around. As I continued to walk I sensed something again but this time it was much different. I sensed a small group of dogs following me. I couldn't see them but I knew they were there. It was like a parade and I was leading the way. There was about eight in all and they followed me almost all the way home. They disappeared at the same field that I experienced the bright flash. Too much of a coincidence for me. Why is everything happening in this field? What did it all mean? Maybe I will find out some day.

A few days later I took Rudi out to the field and I sensed Romeo running around playing. Rudi just sat there as though she was looking at something. She was moving her head back and forth as though she was watching him run around. We came back two more times during the day and Romeo's presence was still there and was very strong. Annette began to have shortness of breath and realized she was surrounded by peace and pure love. It was as if Romeo had never left. I believe he was giving us a glimpse of Heaven.


On a Sunday afternoon I was walking Rudi by Romeo's favorite tree and all of a sudden I saw a shadow run right in front of me. A second later there was a another shadow as though it was chasing the first. They ran across the street and then circled back right in front of me. It was Romeo chasing a rabbit. I knew this because I received a second message. Remember the first message was that I had to keep a promise and complete a project. This message was to confirm the promise and that it would happen.

Romeo's Favorite Tree

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