The day after he died we felt that Romeo was still here. We didn't know if it was from missing him or sensing him. How can you tell? We were in disbelief that he was not here and our hearts felt empty without him. As I was walking Rudi that day, I noticed that she was not quite the same. She seemed to be looking for something, it was then I realized she is looking for her big brother Romeo. I then began to cry when suddenly a beautiful white and black butterfly flew right in front of us. I immediately thought it was a message from Romeo. I remembered a story I heard on TV that talked about people who saw butterflies or rainbows after their loved one had died. We then did some research and found this information. To many, it represents your loved one is in Gods Hands, and at peace. To others, an angel is watching over you. Was that a message from Romeo? I believe it was.

Why Do You Mourn

I know you are sad...
I can see you cry.
I know you miss me...
I can hear you call my name.

You look in the meadows...
to see if I'm there.
You listen to the winds...
hoping I can be heard.

Memories created...
wishing for more.
Locked in my mind...
never forgotten.

Why do you mourn,
don't you remember?
Together again,
this time forever.




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Does a dog have a soul? Do they go to Heaven? I couldn't believe that God would allow us to never see Romeo again because he gave us so much unconditional love and happiness. He was special and a gift from God. My main focus then became to answer some questions. Where did Romeo go? I started to research on the Internet to answer my questions. Not to my surprise there were people that said yes, no, and I don't know. The answers depend on who you ask the questions to. Do dogs, cats, and other animals go to heaven? Was he sad to leave us, is he okay, and does he miss us? Maybe you should read on and then decide for yourself.

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