Remember When for ZOE TURAK


One of Zoe's favorite morning rituals was walking some neighbor kids to school every weekday morning. She would see David and Sara and they would see her and they would run to her screaming her name in excitement. Zoe loved the attention, the hugs and pats, and she loved them. They would take turns holding her leash while we walked or if she wasn't on one that day, they would try not to let Zoe trip them--that was one of her few faults--she was always "in the way".

Whenever someone came to the door, Zoe always forced her way up front to be the first one there to greet them. She loved it when the pizza delivery person came over & she would burst out of the screen door when it started to open and wait for them to pet her. She intimdated some but dog lovers always took the time to pet on her and praise her. She loved it!

One Halloween a group of kids came to the door. John & I didn't recognize them but when they saw Zoe, they all screamed "Zoe!"

It was at that moment that my husbnad and I realized Zoe had more friends in the neighborhood than we did!

Whenever I came home from shopping with a bag of stuff, Zoe would cram her head into each and every bag looking for stuff for her. She would be so disappointed when there was nothing meant for her. Sometimes, although rarely, she would seek out an item that I didn't give her and chew it up.

Every year, just past Thanksgiving, we took a family photo in front of the tree for our Christmas card. Zoe never really minded wearing a costume--Much! She always complied for a few minutes that it took. She was such a patient little angel.

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