Remember When for Kiowa


I remember when we would give him milk, and after he was done drinking it, he would make a sort of "yodeling" sound. It was so cute. I can hear it now. He wasn't able to enjoy even 2% milk, so we would add water so he wouldn't throw it up. I miss his "Yodeling".

I remember once, when he was like 13 or 14 years old and it was a hot muggy summer day, he was napping on the kitchen chair, (This is when we allowed him to be upstairs) and when we went to pet him, he seemed limp! We thought he was dead! My mom was like, "I'm not ready for him to be dead yet!" Lol! It was quite a relief when he woke up and began to purr.

When Kiowa was 15 years old, he had broken a blood vessel in his ear that made a bubble of blood. It was caused from shaking his head so much the vet said. Well we were told it was painful so we spent money to have a procedure done to correct the problem. the ending result was a folded over ear. It was unfortunate but to us, it just made him even more unique.

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