Remember When for Isabel Isabeagle Burns


To the tune of the Pinky and the Brain Theme song:

Isabel: "Gee, Nose, what do you want to do tonight?"
Nose: "The same thing we do every night, Isabel—try to sniff the world!"

♪♫ They're Isabel and the Nose; Yes, Isabel and the Nose. One is a beagle, the other just smells. To prove their doggy worth, They'll sniff and sniff the earth; They're Isabel, they're Isabel and the Nose, Nose, Nose, Nose, Nose, Nose, Nose, Nose, Nose ♪♫

Easter egg hunts, crying like a seal when she was excited to see you, looking at you with those big brown eyes and then looking at the treat dish or the rawhide drawer or your food, her head on your chest when you were eating in bed or on the couch to catch anything you dropped especially popcorn and potato chips, the way she could never hear you calling her to come inside, but could hear a food bag opening from a mile away, her random 10pm barking sessions, her head always in the dishwasher trying to lick the dirty dishes and getting drips on her head, pulling the table cloth to pull the food off the table and getting covered in shrimp sauce right before mommy got health insurance, the heart attack she gave mommy when she got out and was playing in traffic, her snoring in my ear while I was trying to sleep or watch TV, kicking me to get me to pay attention to her, watching her get so excited to be at the dog park and watching her ears flop as she ran, always sleeping under the desk at your feet, finding the bags of dog food and tearing them open, how she convinced the cat to knock things off the counters for her, how her tail would thump a few times when she was happy to see you but didn't want to get up, how she looked for Rascal when he was away at training, when she sprained her back and wasn't supposed to do stairs or jump on the bed for a month, how she hid under your chair at the vets office, how she never chewed her food, how she would wake me up to feed her, whenever she was in the car with me and I got out for a minute she would jump into the driver’s seat, how she would lay in the passenger seat and put her head on the armrest and look at you, how she made everyone love her so quickly, how she always had to check the couch for any crumbs and how she always had to walk the perimeter of the backyard before coming in, how she always knew when I needed her

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