Guestbook for Emmitt


Thank you :)
Posted on June 30, 2014 by Alex

Thinking about you today as we look at Emmitt's photo album. They make us smile.
Posted on June 26, 2014 by Greg & Annette

Thank you Heather.
Posted on December 30, 2013 by Alex

I am really sorry that you lost Emmitt.
Love Heather
Posted on December 28, 2013 by Heather

Thank you Greg and Annette. Our condolences go out to you for Romeo. We're hoping this memorial helps us through as well.
Posted on July 15, 2013 by Alex

We are sorry to hear about your loss. It is hard to deal with but try to hold on to all of the good times. We kept the bed, the toys, the collar, and anything else that brings back memories. Our memorial to Romeo helps us on the bad days, even 3 years later.
Posted on July 13, 2013 by Greg & Annette

I will miss you Emmitt!!
Posted on June 28, 2013 by Auntie Dianne



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