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I never knew tatertot but seeing how much Amanda talks about him I know he was a lucky dog and was cared about very much. He maybe gone but I can see his memory is as strong as the day he were here.
Posted on January 7, 2014 by Josh

I miss you. It will be a year may 10 and I still can't believe you're gone. I don't like being here without you.
Posted on April 9, 2013 by Amanda

Tater Tots is a cute dog, and is at peace with Jesus. Tater Tots you are a cutie!
Thank You for sharing Tater tots story, have a nice Halloween! Cindy Hecht
Posted on October 30, 2012 by Cindy

Tatertot was a very special part of our family . I recall the day I went and purchased him for my daughter Amanda . Little did I realize that day what a impact he would have on our lives , how much love he gave and how much he taught us to love . Tatertot was totally devoted to Amanda as if he knew he was born just for this little girl who needed him so . At that time in Amanda's life she needed that special security of knowing she was protected by her very special friend . Tatertot filled that position proudly . I was around Tatertot from the time he was about 5 weeks old so I was no stranger to him at all. Each morning before leaving for work I would go into Amanda's room to check on her and tell her I loved her . Each morning I was met with a growl and Tatertot would put his self between me and Amanda . If I dared leaned close to even touch her he was ready to attack . As the years went by Tatertot remained the same devoted friend and protector of Amanda . She would have to hold him just so I could kiss her good night . He gave her the security at all times knowing she was safe . I think how great of a friend he was but I also think of how Amanda's heart reached out with a love to Tatertot for him to respond back with such a love for her . She showered him with an unconditional love and he returned that same love . Tatertot will always be missed but for ever thought of and loved .
Posted on September 8, 2012 by Rose

Thank ya'll so much. These last few months have been really hard on me , not just me but my entire family. Even the friends from different states that never even met him , miss him. He was beyond special to me. = )It's funny. The things he used to do that I miss so much , my other dogs have started doing , things they never did before. Almost like he came back and told them , that i'd need that little bit of comfort just to make it through this. & Lauren is so right. My sunshine didn't come from the skies , it came from the love shining in my dogs eyes.
Posted on September 8, 2012 by Amanda-

Tatertot was such a special part of the family. He's made such a strong impact on my life. He will always be remembered for his protectiveness over Amanda. He loved her with everything he had, plus some. He defended her. She used to hit herself and saw ow and he would come attack me! I remember all the nights he cuddled with me and slept on my pillow. I remember the first time I met him, even with he telling him it was okay, I don't think he got comfortable around me, he was growling for hours. I remember the first time he sat in my lap, I was shaking I was so scared it was a trap. I remember the first time I helped give him a bath. When it was time to dry off and he would attack the towel it scared me do I always made Amanda dry him off. I remember trying to play keep away with him and kitty and he was always smarter, faster, and stronger than her. She looked up to him so much, and he taught her well. I remember after my mom died and I was at the house alone, he would comfort me while I cried. I remember about a week before he died he had gotten out of the gate and came running up, right into Amanda's arms, when he heard her voice. I remember getting up to go to the kitchen or something in the middle of the night, trying to be quiet and not wake up Amanda, he always barked when I came back in, I always got at least a growl. There was one time, just out of curiosity before I left the room I told him I'd be right back and not to worry there would be a treat in it for him if he didn't wake her up when I came back. That was the one and only time he didn't make a sound. I remember hearing noises outside, looking at Tatertot, and it was like he knew that I was scared so he would get up and check everything out. And when he'd get ack in bed or lay back down, I felt safer because he was there to protect me. I thought he hated me or the longest time, I started sneaking him extra treats and giving him more of my food than I gave the other two. He quickly became my favorite. I remember his asthma and the happy face he had when he looked at Amanda.. I remember the look on Rosie's face when we pulled in the driveway that day, I remember I thought that was a messed up joke. I remembered that I had to be strong for Amanda. So I fought the tears and held her as she mourned her beloved friend. I remember the first time I tried calling him after his death, I about fell to my knees when I realized why he wasn't coming to me. I remember trying to stay awake, so that Amanda wouldn't be alone while I slept. I remember not being able to get comfortable in bed without being able to find him under the covers, so I moved to the couch. I remember feeling him with me as I tried to get comfy, I slept like a baby being able to feel his presence. I remember when amanda told me she saw him with me that night. Tatertot was so much more than just a dog or a pet. He was family. He will forever be loved and missed. And although time seems to fade the memories, he will never be forgotten. I still feel him with me from time to time, it's almost like he's just visiting, stopping by to make sure everything's okay. He was truly wonderful. I'm so glad I was given the opportunity of getting to know him.
Posted on September 8, 2012 by Lauren

Sorry for the loss of your sweet puppy Tatertot. These first few months are difficult. You will have some good days and some bad days. As time passes your tears will be less and the memories and love will overflow within your heart. Remember that he will always be with you and you will never forget.
Posted on September 8, 2012 by Annette

Sorry to here about the passing of Tatertots. He sounded like he was a very special friend and was there when you needed him the most. No length of time can pass which will allow you to forget a friend like that. You both are on my mind tonight.
Posted on September 8, 2012 by Greg



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